Automatic Updates with Yum Cron on Fedora

I had some trouble finding out what is the preferred method for keeping Fedora 20 automatically updated. It seemed like a good idea after the Shellshock incident. But the information was not that easy to come by and Fedora documentation had conflicting information and now clear answer.

One of the first pieces of information you find in Google is from Fedora 14 Software Documentation regarding Yum Cron and it indicates yum-updatesd is what you should be looking for. But then I found the Fedora AutoUpdates wiki page that only mentions yum-cron and that suggests that yum-updatesd has not been updated since 2007.

So it seems yum-cron is the thing again. But the instructions I found was missing some key information.

Here is what I did:

We need to make two changes in yum-cron.conf:

With “no” on both of these, yum-cron will instruct yum to download and install updates automatically:

The cron job is enabled with:

Started with:

Automatic updates of yum on Fedora should now work.

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