Export Email from Outlook to Gmail Software

Here is the software that will make it much easier to export your Email from Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express to GMail.

Download the file here.

It would be great with some feedback on how this worked for you.

You need a Google Apps account.

8 thoughts on “Export Email from Outlook to Gmail Software

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  2. Dave

    Does your new tool preserve original sent/received dates in the mail messages? GML Loader didn’t preserve dates, if I recall . . .


  3. zeynel

    i even could not pass the first screen, says you are not authorised to use this feature just after i put my username and password.

  4. frank

    first of all: very nice from you to code software with this functionality. Many ppl must be struggling out there, to get rid of the spam. For the time being gmail is one of the few safe havens against spam.

    One needs MS-Framework .NET 1.1 or newer to install gmailuploader. Might be handy to mention.

    After installation i get the errormessage ´you are not authorized to use this feature´

    Thanks in advance for helping out.

  5. popo

    #You need a Google Apps account#
    this means this program has no use for me

  6. Ferdinand

    >>´I cant get past the first screen either, tips?<<

    If you have Google Appps you need either of theese accounts:
    * Google Apps Premier Edition
    * Google Apps Education Edition
    * Google Apps Partner Edition
    The free edition doesn’t work.
    See instruction here:

    that it won’t work on a free Google apps account and that you’ll need a Enterprise account. A solution could be to sign up for the 30day Enterprise account and cancel it after moving the emails [But I have not tried this yet!!]

  7. Manager

    I am trying to figure out how to interchange my contact lists between Outlook – hotmail, gmail, thunderbird.

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