Hattrick Scout Comments

Overview of comments that the trainer will give you in the Hattrick Youth Academy.

Talent Training Impression

  • I have to tell you, player x is our top talent at the moment. He could become a good player
  • I wouldn’t say player x is necessarily much of a player today, but in contrast to some of the other boys, he certainly has potential for improvement.
  • I’m starting to realize that <x> is a diamond in the rough! Train him well and he will be your most valuable young player.
  • Let me tell you one thing about <x> – he has more natural talent than any other player on the team.
  • I like <x>, he could become our top player if we help him develop his potential.
  • Make sure you give <x> lots of chances, because he is a quality player.
  • You could see from -x-‘s sessions this week that he has lot to learn, but that he does have the potential.

Talent Game Impression

  • Don’t give up on <x>, boss. I’m sure he has a lot of football in him.
  • Don’t be fooled by what you saw on the pitch this week – I still think <x> is one of our more promising players.
  • He may not have shown it in the game this week, but <x> could very well be our most promising player
  • In my opinion, <x> has the potential to improve considerably, he just needs someone to give him a break.
  • It’s quite obvious that <X> hasn’t received the right training in the past, and that he could benefit a lot from the proper attention.


  • I’m sure you noticed that xxx had an unusually good game this week. Let’s hope he can learn how to play more consistently at that level.”
  • I hope you saw player x play this week, he did one of his best performances in the team so far.
  • Make sure you give <x> lots of chances, because he is a quality player.
  • I liked the way <x> gave his everything in our last game. I hope to see him like that again sometime soon.
  • <x> had a great game this week, don’t forget to mention that to him.
  • In this week’s game, xxx played close to his potential. Very well done!
  • <x> had a delightful game this week, he fought harder than any of our other players.
  • <x> had a charmed game this week, I haven’t seen him play that well before.
  • Did you see <x> in this week’s game? He did really well, given his capacity.
  • It was endearing to see <x> in this week’s game, he really gave us all he’s got.

Skill Reaches Potential

  • Feel free to let your boys try different positions, but I really think you should try giving <x> some <skill> training, too.
  • Feel free to keep training <x> like you do, but eventually he should also get a chance to practice his <skill> skills.
  • It’s always OK for a player to hone multiple skills, but in the case of <x> it’s obvious that a focus on <skill> sessions would be very productive.
  • When I see <x> on the practice ground, I can’t shake the feeling that he really wants to train <skill> instead.
  • In my opinion, <x> not going to reach his potential as a footballer unless he gets some <skill> training.
  • Mark my words, it would be a good thing to give <x> some <skill> training before it’s too late.
  • I’m not saying <x> is not benefiting from the current training, just bear in mind his real talent lies with the <skill> skill.
  • <x> has considerable talent for <skill>, which he is not improving with the current training regime. Think about that…


  • <x> keeps developing, his <skill> ability is now better.
  • XXX had a good week, his <skill> has really improved lately.
  • <x> is an ambitious young boy, and I’m happy to say it is paying off. Especially with his <skill> ability, which has improved with training.
  • <x> is improving his <skill> ability, I think the current training regime is worthwhile in his case.
  • Some good news about <x>, he is responding well to the <skill> training sessions.
  • <x> has responded well to the <skill> sessions we have organized this week. It’s good to know our work has had an effect.
  • This week I can report that several players have improved their capabilities through training. A special mention for <x>, who has worked well on his <skill> skills.
  • xxx improves his <skill> skills. I think the training is worth it in his case
  • Don’t change the <skill> training for <x> it sure seems to be paying off at the moment!
  • This week I noticed <x> has improved his <skill> ability

Full Trained Player

  • Maybe it’s time to break in some fresh talent in the team, boss. Take <x>, for example, he doesn’t seem to improve at all any more.
  • It’s time to start judging xxx on his merits right now, not on his future progress within our youth academy. I don’t think he will improve that much any more.
  • It seems to me that Dalton Blevins can’t learn that much more in the youth academy.
  • Boss, I’m having some trouble with the father of <x>. He says the kid shouldn’t stay at the Academy anymore, because he is not responding to our training anymore! He’s kind of right, but this is not his decision to make, is it?
  • <x> claims the youth academy is holding him back! To be honest, I think he may be right…
  • xxx is working hard in the practice sessions, but he just doesn’t seem to get much out of it. You need to decide if he should join the senior squad, or maybe tell him to start thinking about another career than football…
  • To be honest, I’m not sure <x> can get much better right now, no matter what kind of training we will give him. He seems to have reached a threshold in his development.
  • You should consider xxx future. I think he needs senior football to develop his game further. Whether or not that’s a good idea, only you can decide.
  • -x- does not seem to respond to our training any more. Maybe he needs a new challenge?


  • Player X has a very rough attitude, both on and off the pitch. That could get him into trouble…
  • We had to pull Player X out of a fight again this week. That kid never learns.
  • Player X is one of those players that adds a lot of fighting spirit on the team, but sometime he overdoes it.
  • I don’t get Player X, he’s always the first to pick a fight!. (no example just a guess)
  • Player X has a very long fuse, never really gets in a fight.
  • One thing I can say about Player X is that he is very calm and peaceful.
  • While he has other qualities, sometimes I wish Player X would be more involved emotionally on the pitch.
  • Player X is such a fine young boy, never gives us any headaches in training. Loves his mother, too.


  • Player X is the player I need to convince first to get my ideas through to the team.
  • After a bad game, player X is often the first to shake off his disappointment and start talking about the next match.
  • He’s just a boy, but still X has a very commanding presence on the field. The other kids look up to him.
  • When the boys don’t know what to think about something, they tend to turn to Player X for his opinion.
  • Player X won’t ever be captain material, but could very well be a competent team player..
  • Player X is a trooper – quick to get in line and do what he is told.
  • Player X is a sweet kid, but never expect him to lead the team if the going gets tough.
  • Not everyone can be a leader, can they? Player X was born to follow…


  • You never see Player X taking a dive on the field. You’ve got to respect the kid for that.
  • Player X is a stand up guy. I like him..
  • You can always trust Player X to give you his honest opinion about the situation in the team, that’s valuable I think. (no example just a guess)
  • In this week’s game, Player X confessed a foul that the referee didn’t spot. Maybe that’s overdoing it, but it’s still nice to see some youngsters still have moral fibre.


  • Player X had his birthday this week. Remember we can’t keep the kids on the squad once they’ve turned 19 years old.
  • After one of the training sessions, we celebrated player x’s birthday. How quickly they grow up, eh?
  • Player X wanted me to ask you if he could have a senior team contract for his birthday. I’m not sure if he was being serious or whether he was trying to make me look silly.
  • The boys celebrated player x this week, apparently it was his birthday.
  • On a sidenote, it was <x> ‘s birthday this week. Time sure flies.
  • <x> was in a great mood this week, I heard he had his birthday recently.
  • It was birthday of -x- this week, but he made no fuss about it.
  • -x- had his birthday this week, and his mother came over with a really tasty birthday cake for the clubhouse. What a nice gesture.

3 thoughts on “Hattrick Scout Comments

  1. Jock_Strap

    You can always trust Player X to give you his honest opinion about the situation in the team, that’s valuable I think. (no example just a guess) – I can give you one example. I pulled a youth player who had received this comment and his honesty was ‘righteous’.

  2. Alexander

    Hello – thanks for your analysis of the youth academy! It is greatly appreciated!

    I’ve received 2 trainer comments about a player, which is not in your list. I thought you could use it.

    1. “There’s a lot of raw talent in Trọng DÆ°Æ¡ng. I’m sure he can improve on the team, but you can’t really say yet if he is star material.”

    2. “Trọng DÆ°Æ¡ng has a lot of raw potential, but you need to give him a varied training for several seasons to see the results. Maybe you don’t have the time in his case.”


  3. Sot

    A New one.

    Although it has given us a few goals, you should talk to Player X about football ethics. He falls over a lot.

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