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After analysing all my new players reports, and looking at many other players reports across general threads on the topic, I am currently thinking that Youth Stars ain’t quite as cryptic as they are being made out to be. In fact they may be to an extent very easy to translate.

Knowing that my old youth pulls years ago ALWAYS came out with passable form initially, I have decided to call Passable form the Average BASE level for my prediction.

I am Proposing that 1 Blue star = 1 Level the equivalent of 1 level playing ability in that area

On Passable form
1 star = disastrous
2 star = Wretched
3 star = Poor
4 star = Weak
5 star = Inadequate
6 star = Passable
7 Star = Solid
8 Star = Excellent

Now we all assume you cant get above an excellent player so what about these 9 Star goalkeepers / Defenders. These can be accounted for by Higher than passable form / Weather / ((hattricks new random inaccuracy’s in the reports)) this is staying in brackets as its a big IF / Unknown.

Important things to remember

Midfield stars have always been harder to aquire because to be good in that region (according to hattricks game engine) requires more skills in effect than a defender – Thus analysing players from this Area, I believe may be the hardest. What’s important to remember is 6 star midfielder (youth stars) does not necessarily = a passable play maker, as there are other skills that have a bias on a mid fielders skill (PASSING DEFENDING AND PLAY MAKING MODIFIER STAMINA),

SCOUT REPORTS ARE NOT 100% accurate I would expect a 1 level discrepancy each way roughly.

At the moment my pattern seems to fit best if you assume that any level you read the trainer says the player can emerge into the senior squad with with deduct 2 levels (1 seasons training? roughly) – it fits with my players iv pulled on this rule so far. ( THIS IS A HUGE ASSUMPTION TO MAKE WHICH IS WHY I HAVE DOUBTS STILL (For example my coach says my defender can reach passable – pulls 4.5 stars in defence with passable form somewhere in-between weak and inadequate? would make sense….)

I would be interested if people have players who have been told there youth players current X skill is Y and they could emerge with Skill X at level Y to contact me so I can further my study with a lot more players.

Thanks for anyone who takes the time to read this and post a constructive replys.

9 thoughts on “Hattrick Youth Stars

  1. Mads

    Thanks for the analysis, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. It does seem to fot with my yout pulls sp far.

  2. kservik Post author

    Thanks. It is also important to remember that they sometimes perform better than their actual level – to show you how high their potential is. Also, the trainer will tell you when they dont benefit from further training in their main skill. You should not stop training them before that.

  3. darkangle

    Thanks a lot this is a nice analysis. I am new in youth academy and I was looking for this.

  4. bristolredrover

    Thanks for this, it helps a lot 🙂

    Best youth player I had was regularly getting 8 stars towards the end, once 8.5, as a defender and turned out with solid defending. Don’t think he was going to go higher than that in the youth system.

  5. AlLocust


    Thank you for your thoughts on this.

    I have a question about training the youth academy players.

    What do you know about the effect of training? How many weeks for an increase with a star? Similar to senior squad?

    Thanks again!

  6. kservik Post author

    Training is faster, the younger the players are. So if they are younger than 17, it goes faster by default.

  7. AlLocust


    But how is the trainer? 🙂
    Because for a 17 y/o GK with solid trainer we need 5 weeks of training and for 17 y/o GK with weak trainer we need more weeks of training.
    And we dont know what’s the skill of our Youth Academy trainer.

  8. Steve

    Generally i agree with all the information. Regarding the star rating the best player I’ve had so far came out of the youth academy with excellent scoring and passable passing, but he never got more than 7 stars in a match.

  9. bunny87

    i have a scorer who has passable(excellent) scoring and no side skill you can investigate on him if u like my user name is bunny87 players name is Meriç Çağrı Karayılan

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