Hattrick Youth System FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Hattrick Youth System. FAQ:

Can I have both the youth academy and the scouting system running at the same time?
No. You could in the start, but that is not possible any more.

If I promote a player to the my youth academy (calling my scouts), can I also promote a player to the senior team via the scouting system in the same week?
No. You can only acquire one new player in total to any of your teams (either to your youth academy or your senior team).

If I promote a player from my youth academy to my senior team, can I also promote a player to the senior team using the scouting system in the same week?
Yes, that is possible.

If I call my scouts and all the players they give me are lacking in skill, can I choose to promote a youth from the scouting system instead?
No. Once you call a scout, you have made your system choice for that week.

If I get an offer from a scout, can I get another offer from another scout before I decide I want the offer or not?
No, you have to say no to an offer before you can get another one.

If I say no to an offer, can I go back and change that answer if it turns out that the other offers are worse?
No, you can not – your answer is definitive.

I can train two things with my youth academy – if I train a player using the same training type for both training choices, will he gain more training (percentage-wise) than if he gets trained using two different training types?
No, he will gain less training percentage-wise if you use the same training type for both primary and secondary training.

Once I’m in a youth league, how long am I in there for?
You are in that league until all matches in it have been played. The length of a league depends on the size of the league. After all matches have been played you are free to reorganize that league again, or join another league.

Are all scouts equally good?
Yes, all scouts have the same chance to find a good talent.

Are all youth academy trainers equally good?
Yes, they are.

Are some youth players faster learners than others?
All youth players are quick learners in general, but depending on their character they can learn faster (or slower) than other youth players.

If a youth player plays both a league game and a friendly game one week, does he get training twice then?
Yes, he does. The training effect for a league game is bigger than for a friendly game though.

8 thoughts on “Hattrick Youth System FAQ

  1. kservik Post author

    You should also remember that if you you have all scouts searching for (as an example) a defenders, your scout may not be able to find you a subject each week, so you could consider have the third scout searching for anything and be sure yo call him as the last scout.

  2. John

    Question, when you have a great youth player, and it says, for instance, your (player) isnt right for the youth team anymore, he has learned all he can in passing.

    passing isnt playmaking, so im hoping he still can level up some more before i pull him up. is this so? is there a difference between passing and playmaking for the youth coach? or should i pull him right away, since hes not training playmaking now either, even though it said passing.

  3. kservik Post author

    That comment only relates to the passing skill and means nothing for any other skill.

    If you want to train him in playmaking you can do so.

  4. Winnie

    Waiting several weeks before calling in the scout(s) increases the chance of getting a better talent?

  5. kservik Post author

    No, there is no point in waiting. It is totally random for each pull.

  6. Mitchell

    I am currently paying 20K a week for my scouts to find youth players for my Youth Team. My team is at excellent. Can I pay less per week without risk of losing my excellent rating?

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