How to export emails from Outlook to Gmail?

I have been looking into how I could transfer my email from Outlook to Gmail, but have yet to find a way of doing this.

Scott Hanselman has a way of redirecting email from Yahoo and Hotmail to Gmail, but that is not what I am looking for really.

Gmail help has a way of importing your contacts from Outlook to Gmail to you can find here. I tried it and it worked. But no information on how to import Outlook messages.

Google GMail Loader (GML) can import your existing email into GMail, but only from the mbox format. So I tried this tool to convert my current .PST file and I think that worked. But I never got Google GMail Loader to actually send any mail. It just seems to stall by some reason.

Is there anyone that have successfully done this?

UPDATE! There is a much esier way of doing this now.

11 thoughts on “How to export emails from Outlook to Gmail?

  1. Mandy

    Hi kservik,
    Have you managed to import your mail from Outlook ?

    We are wanting to import all mail from our Opera account but haven’t yet found a way to do this.

    By import, I mean copy the data from Opera without remailing it.


  2. Johan Karlbom

    Now when the feature “get email from other account is available it’s easy to do this by simply copy your old .pst-stored emails to a big account (like via IMAP and then have gmail to fetch all emails.

  3. Mike

    Just download Thunderbird, import your mail (from outlook), open up Google GMail Loader (GML) and do your thing. It works!

    You have to organize your imported mail within Thunderbird first. Find the folder to use within GML and put the right Gmail smtp server in place.
    Use the second mbox option (first doesn’t work).

    There is one thing that Gmail does with the incoming email. The original send and receive date stays in tact. But the order in witch gmail gets the new mail will have the imported date. When opening an imported message the dat is the original one but you received it today. Achieving your mail will remove it from the inbox. The conversation order when gmail groups the mail will be by original date.

  4. Mike

    After making runbox account there is no way to upload a pst file… So this option does not work at all…

  5. Johan Karlbom

    Well, it does work. Just upload all your folders into the inbox-folder and all mails will be uploaded.

    Nevertheless your method withusing Thunderbird might be easier. I don’t know. The thing is that if you use IMAP-folders your able to download them one at the time and give them different labels, or you could download all mails into one label (or without any labels…).

  6. Shahab Yarmohammadi

    seems like there’s no way to import emails from outlook (PST File) to GMail right now!
    waiting for Google to do something.

  7. John Dannels

    Set up outlook or thunderbird with the imap of gmail.
    Then copy or move all existing emails into it and gmail will automatically add the appropriate labels if they were in folders.
    I found this easier then remailing or using a third party program to move emails into gmail. With Outlook or Thunderbird set up to use gmail’s imap settings, you can just copy and paste from any other account that has pop or imap settings in those clients as well.

  8. michael norman

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