How to remove Easy Internet Signup

When you buy a laptop from HP you get something that is called Easy Internet Sign-up that goes totally mad on you. The program that runs Easy Internet Sign-up is HP SDP Application Module (HPSdpApp.exe).

Easy Internet Signup is a “helper” that ask you if you want to sign up with any of HPs service partners. When you tick now it is supposed to turn it off forever, but just the opposite is what happens. It starts running every 30 mins and there is no end to it! It will actually continue on launching itself in a popup forever unless you find out how to remove it.

Well here is how to remove it:

  1. Click Start, type Scheduler in the search field, and select Task Scheduler when it appears.

    If prompted for permission, click Continue.

  2. In the left column, click Task Scheduler Library.

  3. In the center column, select the task you want to stop.

  4. In the right column, click Delete, and then click Yes to confirm deletion.

  5. Close the Task Scheduler window.

69 thoughts on “How to remove Easy Internet Signup

  1. Gpra-Man

    Thanks! Your instructions were so easy to follow. This is just another example of how HP sucks and is NOT customer-focused. My HP PC is a piece of crap (hard drive crashed slightly over a year old and monitor is already going out), and HP only offered to sell me a $300 new Hard Drive and send me $50 rebate for a monitor. Going back to Dell when the next purchase comes around.

  2. Nose hair trimmers

    i just deleted easy internet sign-up from my computer nd now i cant use the internet!!!! i have a compaq laptop. presario V4000. i need help. how come i cant get on my internet?!?

  3. Desiree

    There’s only one problem with me…DELETE is not an option (the DELTE button on my keyboard doesn’t do anything either). This thing is annoying the crap out of me. I worked with HP and they can’t figure it out either. THey want $298 for me to send it in.

  4. ednok

    and people wonder why I hate hp.

    It denyed me access to stop the program, so I went to the folder that held the program the scheduler started and just deleted it directly from there

  5. oliva

    Show de bola …muito obrigado

    Very usefull topic… thank you so much… It was driving me crazy at all times I was on line…

    God bless you..
    ** I´m from Brasil

  6. Andreas Huge

    Takk skal du ha. Har nettop resoftet en dv6000. Jeg fant den i prosesser som Hpsdpapp.exe , men din metode var jo klart den beste måten å fjerne den på.

  7. mish

    This was SO helpful. I hated my HP (WITH VISTA:( )so much after having it crash 2 times in a row in 2007 and then lock me out, that it has been in the box ever since. So i finally had to give in and set it up again and have to wrestle with all of the HP crap that comes with it. So thanks some 4 years later!!!

  8. John Best

    thanks for the help , it works perfect . HP computers socks !!!!!!

  9. Adriana pascual

    Thank’s for the helps , it works perfect . HP computers socks !!!!

  10. Behrouz

    Thanks so much for this info.It was so bloody annoying popping up every thirty minutes even though I had ticked the box “Never remind me again”. Not a good sign of how HP designs the software for their laptops- not professional at all. I would not buy any HP computers anymore.No thanks.
    From Montreal,Canada.

  11. kservik Post author

    Wow, thats insane. 3 years with that issue is terror! 🙁

  12. wennie

    thanks for saving a couple of years of my life in freeing me from this terrible annoyance.
    What peoples should do is go to HP and ring their doorbel each half hour. See how they would like that. Mf….ers…

  13. mark

    How about we schedule our computers to send a fax every 30minutes, to complain about their wretched SDP protocols?

    Has anyone read their website cripe about SDP service delivery la-di-da customer orientated visionary platform turbo fantasamistic digital services infrastructure to profitably meet growing demand and enhance the customer experience…?

    Wow….such clever use of random words. The above was virtually a cut and paste BTW.

    The reading equivalent of eating a dog do sandwich………mmmmmm – delicious.

  14. Brittany

    My laptop keeps popping up and saying “The task image is corrupt or has been tampered with.5fd59b00”. Do you know what that can mean? The file (HP SDP…) isn’t in my list, despite Easy Internet Services still being in the startup menu! I’m assuming it’s a related issue. *sigh*. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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