How to remove Easy Internet Signup

When you buy a laptop from HP you get something that is called Easy Internet Sign-up that goes totally mad on you. The program that runs Easy Internet Sign-up is HP SDP Application Module (HPSdpApp.exe).

Easy Internet Signup is a “helper” that ask you if you want to sign up with any of HPs service partners. When you tick now it is supposed to turn it off forever, but just the opposite is what happens. It starts running every 30 mins and there is no end to it! It will actually continue on launching itself in a popup forever unless you find out how to remove it.

Well here is how to remove it:

  1. Click Start, type Scheduler in the search field, and select Task Scheduler when it appears.

    If prompted for permission, click Continue.

  2. In the left column, click Task Scheduler Library.

  3. In the center column, select the task you want to stop.

  4. In the right column, click Delete, and then click Yes to confirm deletion.

  5. Close the Task Scheduler window.

69 thoughts on “How to remove Easy Internet Signup

  1. Trapper

    Thank you is all i have to say. I’ve owned my HP laptop since april and Love it except for this stupid Pop Up…. It has driven me insane!!
    Again, Thank You!

  2. Robin

    Thank you. I also removed a load of other bloat-annoying-stupidware as well.

  3. saleesh

    dear supporter ,
    i am really thankful to you since i was irritated by this pointing internet sign up….. thank you very much….

  4. don jones

    You are saying to click on start and then type in name in search field, what window are you in, it sure isn’t the search results window. Help me out here.

  5. Chris Dart

    What on earth were HP thinking of setting something up like that???
    Thanks for the fix!

  6. bruceg

    Thanks!!!! What other items can we remove from the task scheduler? Extended Service Plan? Service Plan? HP Health Check? Recovery CD? Thanks.

  7. kservik Post author

    None of the above mentioned seems very important, so if they steal too much memory I would kill them.

  8. shannon

    This ‘fix’ does not work for me! Any other ideas? HP Pavilion dv6700 laptop Windows Vista Home Premium

  9. waltanderson

    Oh man, you are the best. The extreme irritation I had at not knowing how to stop this nonsense was more than made up for by the hearty laughter I experienced reading others’ comments!

    I have been freed from The Matrix!! Wooo Hooooo!

  10. Robert

    Thank you for this tip! I just deleted this item and others (HP Health Check and Registration) from the scheduler. I have removed all the installed stuff from HP and have a pretty clean machine – under 20GB used …. wanted a clean machine to play World of Warcraft and not be slowed down any. Also removed the trial of Symantec and put on AVG Internet Security v 8…. it works great and I don’t even notice I have Security Software on the computer.

  11. Supriya

    Thanks 100000000000000000000000000000 times.
    You just saved me from going insane.

    This HP stupid guys should know this is not the way to continue in business!

  12. Lars

    Step 4 didn’t work for me… I’m system admin, but the task scheduler says I don’t have permission to delete the task. Any ideas? Thank you for your help!

  13. Angela

    Does this step completely delete Easy Internet Services from the notebook, or just stop the window from popping up?


  14. kservik Post author

    You stop the process from ever running. That is what you really want to achieve. Windows is full of programs you never use.

  15. Judy

    I have done as you suggested, however in my search I must select form several areas to search:
    >Pictures,Music, or Video
    >All files and folders
    >Computers or people
    I have tried them all and have come up with nothing. I have HP Pavilion, running Windows XP.
    Please, any other ideas how I can remove this from my laptop, and can I safely remove any of the other HP installed “stuff”?

  16. kservik Post author

    You are searching in windows explorer then. Click start down to your left and you get a little search field like here:

    Windows Search

  17. YVANG

    I followed your instructions, but when I select the four tasks to delete, I get two prompts: one is “are you sure you want to delete these tasks” and two “transaction support within the specified file system resource manager was not started or shut down due to an error.” What to do about this to remove the extended service plan blah?

  18. Carol Lee

    I am also getting the message “transaction support within the specified file system resource manager was not started or shut down due to an error” Please someone HELP! We have had this popup every few minutes for 7 months.

    C. Lee

  19. ros cuan

    at last!thankyou so much!had 2 log off n log on 2 administraitor 2 be allowed 2 delete but it worked! oh Joy is mine, not 2 have 2 see that dreaded pop-up again! thanks again!

  20. Arnold van de Worp

    thanks for this useful tip

    ive did bring the notebook back to its origional settings like you get it out of the box, then when every thing works, shows this shitty popup

    these stupid popup has 3 choices but the third does the same as the second choice.

  21. YVANG

    “I followed your instructions, but when I select the four tasks to delete, I get two prompts: one is “are you sure you want to delete these tasks” and two “transaction support within the specified file system resource manager was not started or shut down due to an error.”

    Still no luck whatsoever.

    C. Lee, have you gotten any luck deleting?

  22. kservik Post author

    did you try to unsuccessfully delete the program? Try to re-install it and then start over.

  23. Karen

    Kudos to my newest hero: kservik!

    If I knew where you lived, I’d send you a batch of homemade cookies to show my undying gratitude 🙂

  24. Soccer_Luver26

    Freaking Hell YEAH! I was about to ship my new HP Back. Thanks MAN!

  25. Glynis

    Thank you so much for solving this nuisance.
    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.


    Hey bro! OMG- my brother owns this hp laptop for several months now and , yes it is anoying to the 5th power. I thought you can delete the darn thing in Add Remove Programs- but hey! what you did was like- a load off……

    thanks again!


  27. hpuser

    XP users, try:
    To open Scheduled Tasks, click Start, click All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Scheduled Tasks.

  28. Rachel

    Thank you SO much. This window pops up all the time and I have been pressing alt F4 for so long. My laptop is now perfect.

  29. Mariposa

    oh man thanks. This solution is the gift that keeps us all from going insane… even two years after you wrote it.

  30. kservik Post author

    It is amazing to see how many people still have this problem. But I am very happy to help you 🙂

  31. KP

    How do I identify what file is the one I want to delete? (Please forgive me – neophyte here who is going crazy!). What I have in the file are:

    as well as a test file with several tests of adding the above files.


  32. kservik Post author

    You dont delete single files. That will probably just cause errors on your computer. You must follow the instructions over. If you have deleted the files already, then reinstall the program and start over with the instructions.

  33. Raghda

    Can someone help please??
    I’ve removed the “Easy Internet” from “uninstall or change a program” now the pop up has changed to something like this,”This program cannot display the webpage” I still can’t do nothing and it’s annoying.

  34. eddy

    hey hi…Is there a way to fully uninstal that application and delete it along with its SDP folder???

  35. hey hombre

    i just deleted easy internet sign-up from my computer nd now i cant use the internet!!!! i have a compaq laptop. presario V4000. i need help. how come i cant get on my internet?!?

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